Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Black Front Press is currently printing copies of THE GREEN BOOK by Muammar al-Qathafi. I've not read this book myself (and have ordered a copy). However, I have just read a very interesting book on the History of Central Banking with touched on Libya. Libya could have only be described as a 'workers paradise'. Some of Libya's policies included paying students rather than charging them to attend university, interest free loans, cars costing factory prices, free health care - the list goes on. So I look forward to reading this book - open minded folk should support the Black Front Press too.

In what seems to be a very embarrassing interview for Green Party leader Natalie Bennett, the true policies of the modern so-called leftist 'greens' are exposed once more for the anti-environmental agenda it truly is. The 'Greens' (sic) wish to build 500,00 new houses across England. This policy is shared by the other parties, so not a new one. But where are these houses going to be built? The Conservatives are secretly planning a new city, and Labour have never hidden their hatred of rural England. No matter where these new houses will be built it will mean the destruction of Green Belt land and rural communities.

The simple truth is we don't need more houses - we just need less immigrants! You cannot support mass immigration and claim to be pro-environment as the two opinions are political opposites! The left need to understand that they themselves are the cause of Green Belt destruction, because they openly supported endless mass immigration. Others such as the founders of the eco-village  Tinkers Bubble joined the nationalist BNP - thus proving the concept of Blood and Soil isn't isolated to just the political 'far-right'.

The problem of mass immigration is that the folk  no longer feel a connection to the land. The soil is no longer seen as a living entity, but a commodity sold simply to build houses and shopping centres on. The sacredness we held for the land was lost when Aryan-kind rejected our forefathers gods and started worshipping the suffering-god. Likewise, the majority of immigrants who come to Europe (or from Europe to the UK) are Abrahamic who also reject the concept that the soil is sacred, thus thy have no connection to their native lands other than a materialistic one! 

We must as a folk reconnect with the soil. This is the true meaning of Ecology* and the true concept of Blood and Soil.

* The term 'ecology' was first coined by the German environmentalist Ernst Haeckel - a radical nationalist and anti-semite.

Monday, 2 February 2015

The intangible idea of folkish honour has its roots in the strongest grounds of all, in the most material of all reality; in the farmland of a nation.” – Alfred Rosenberg